ungerDr. Unger directs the Unger Primary Care Concierge Medical Group in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. He is also the Director of Metabolic Studies at the Catalina Research Institute in Chino, Ca. The research center uniquely incorporates primary care with clinical research in areas related to diabetes, sexual dysfunction, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, pain,  obesity,  and mental illness. Dr. Unger’s private practice is devoted to the comprehensive care of patients with diabetes, addiction, mental illness, migraine and other chronic disease states.


Dr. Unger is Board Certified in Family Medicine and has published over 190  peer reviewed articles on diabetes, migraine and pain management. In addition, Dr. Unger has written three medical textbooks on diabetes including the Diabetes Management in Primary Care -2nd Edition published in December 2012. The 3rd edition of this textbook will be published in 2016 by Lippincott.  Dr. Unger is an associate editor of Diabetes Care and Clinical Diabetes and in 2009 was honored as the “Father of the Year” by the American Diabetes Association. He has also been the primary investigator in over 40 clinical research studies.


Dr. Unger is an associate editor of the Journal of Family Practice and Diabetes Care. He is the only family doctor in the world who is monitoring the LEADER cardiovascular outcomes trial which evaluates the safety and efficacy of the drug liraglutide.


Dr. Unger is a Fellow of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and has served as a consulting physician for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim baseball club as well as the World Wrestling Federation.