Over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain is defined as a pain that lasts at least 12 weeks. In this blog, we will discuss the causes of chronic pain and treatment options.

Chronic pain may spring from an initial injury, such as a back sprain, or there may be an ongoing cause, such as an illness. The most common causes of chronic pain vary from headache, joint pain, and pain from an injury. Chronic pain can occur in nearly any part of your body. When one is treating chronic pain, the main objective is to reduce pain and improve function so that a person can resume his or her day-to-day activities.

Treatment depends on the severity. Treatments include medications, cognitive behavioral therapy, surgery.  Self-care is also important. Physical exercise, stress management, and relaxation techniques can also help.

The bottom line is that the fact that chronic pain is a problem that does not resolve quickly and with one specific treatment or medication. The best way is still to actively work with your attending physician and discuss different types of treatment and medication to attack the pain. Dr. Unger’s expertise in treating patients with chronic disease states, especially chronic pain, is an ideal treatment for your chronic pain. Have us give you a call today at 909-484-2105.