At Unger Primary Care Medical Center, we pride ourselves on the care we offer all of our patients. The model for this is our comprehensive primary care. Patients that enjoy our primary care can count on us being there for them in all aspects of their well-being. It is a course of treatment that’s more than just medical treatment. It’s like having a doctor in the family. Dr. Unger and his staff become a part of your effort to find the best wellness you can. This is more than just a spirit of devotion and care. It’s a clear and definable practical course of action that can improve your life.


Understanding Comprehensive Primary Care

Understanding comprehensive primary care involves learning how physician care has changed. The concierge medical service that we provide is similar to the relationships doctors had with their patients before the health care system grew to its current vast size. Amenities like house calls, after-hours access to your doctor and total attention to your course of treatment have returned with concierge medicine and the comprehensive primary care it allows. For years, primary care physicians (PCPs) under the Medicare system have had to meet demands that inhibited their practice and limited their patients’ health. PCPs had to see an average of 30 to 50 patients daily. Even under a decent health care policy, patients had limited access to many services. And, perhaps most importantly, doctors and patients couldn’t dedicate much time to cooperating for the purpose they shared – to improve the patient’s quality of life.


Concierge Medicine – A Healthier Relationship

Concierge medicine has revived a healthier relationship between doctors and their patients. Concierge doctors see an average of 7-10 patients daily. This means they have more time to devote to each and every patient. It allows us to offer amenities that many patients expect and desire from their doctors, but that few can extend. These amenities can be as simple as filling out a prior authorization form or as involved as coordinating with a specialist, hospital or assisted-living facility to ensure an optimal course of treatment. Under the Medicare system, these services are sometimes unavailable or will cost a patient additional time and money. With the comprehensive primary care that concierge medicine can offer, patients’ expectations will not only be met, they’ll be surpassed. The term “comprehensive” truly means something to us – we define it as playing an important role in all aspects of your health care and to being there when you need us, with as full a selection of treatments as you’d hope. We offer total attention to your wellbeing. We’re confident that you will feel genuinely cared for.


A key component to comprehensive primary care is your relationship with your doctor. That’s why we provide 24/7 access to Dr. Unger. This means that you can reach out to him for whatever you might need, when you need it. If you want to reach him about a medical matter, we know you don’t want to have to wait. He is just a phone call or a text message away. If you prefer to e-mail, you’ll also be able to reach him by that avenue. This service goes both ways. When you undergo a major course of treatment with our comprehensive primary care, you can expect Dr. Unger to check in on you. The service also extends beyond just looking in on how you’re doing or answering some questions about your continuing treatment. It includes telemedicine services. Telemedicine services involve consulting with you in an official capacity over the phone. This allows you to receive care remotely and for Dr. Unger to decide on changes in your medication or treatments. It’s more than just a convenience to you. It develops a bond between you and your doctor that is crucial to helping you enjoy the best of wellbeing.


There will be times when you need to see Dr. Unger in person, right away. Our comprehensive primary care accounts for that too. We offer same day and 24-hour urgent appointment availability. This means you can rely on us to be there when you need, even when it’s on short notice. Your urgent need is our urgent response. When we are open, our office is open to you. And when you’re in the office, you’ll rarely find it to be crowded – depend on 30-60 minute appointment times. Our care applies to your sense of convenience in addition to your health. As you arrive, you’ll be seen on time. And when you’re seen, you won’t be rushed. Dr. Unger and his staff will take the time to answer your questions, ask the questions that you need to have asked, and work with you to develop the course of treatment that suits you best. It’s through this attitude – dedicating a complete focus and the time it requires to fulfill it – that we confidently provide comprehensive wellness and chronic disease state evaluations. Your health is not a simple matter. So many aspects of your body and your behaviors affect it. This is especially the case with chronic disease states. When you receive our comprehensive primary care, you can rest assured that a full spectrum of attention will be applied to your health and how to improve it, every day.


We also extend our care for you to the times when you’re in the direct care of another physician. We coordinate your care with hospitals and specialists. If you go to the hospital, to another clinic or to a specialist, we will communicate with them to ensure you’re getting optimal care. This means discussing your relevant medical history with them, informing them of your current course of treatment, recommending treatments and asking the proper questions. Our knowledge of medicine can help you better understand how care with another specialist or hospital will affect you, and so help determine what’s best for you. This also applies to communicating with your pharmacy. Our concierge pharmacy services assist you in getting your proper prescriptions filled and in getting the best quality of medicines available to you. When you’re with Unger Primary Care, we are with you at all times.


We also permit our patients access to treatments that are above the norm of medical care. Dr. Unger has a unique relationship with research institutes that specialize in chronic disease states. As a patient of our comprehensive primary care, you’ll enjoy a broader range of access to services than you would with a conventional physician. A primary example of this is the advanced laboratory testing that all our members receive. The laboratory facilities we employ are top rate. We have a distinguished and premium relationship with them. You will too. We also offer techniques of treatment that can ease your treatment in the case of many chronic disease states – hypnosis and relaxation therapies. These therapies can bolster your treatment, strengthening your ability to combat health challenges such as chronic pain, addiction or eating disorders.


As experts in the comprehensive care of patients faced with chronic diseases, we know that even availability and access to elite medicine doesn’t cover all the requirements your health care demands of you. Be assured that Unger Primary Care will assist you in navigating the bureaucracy your lifestyle confronts you with. We are available to you for the completion of disability forms at no cost. You needn’t worry about when you can see us when you’re facing a deadline from another organization. Present us with the forms you need to have signed and they will be filled in a timely manner. The same goes for prior authorization forms. We will complete your prior authorization forms when you need them and how the third-party demands.


And all our patients matter to us. We treat you like family, in that we not only genuinely care and make ourselves available, but extend care that you’d expect from your own folks. We are experienced at the delicate process of behavioral interventions for patients with opioid and/or alcohol dependency. We will be there with the patients’ family when they need someone to guide a patient toward a healthier lifestyle. We also provide group services to form a bond between patients who are challenged by the daily struggle of dependency. Our group therapies can lend patients the support that they need within a peer group. We are also sensitive to the financial needs of patients with dependency. They can count on us arranging fixed costs for their treatment. The same applies for cash patients. With your wellbeing as our first priority, we will do all we can to relieve the stress that financial matters sometimes causes.


We also understand that sometimes, you need our services without being able to seek them out in our office. In those instances, when you cannot travel, we will come to you. Unger Primary Care provides home visits when appropriate. We understand your needs. The same applies to patients in an assisted-living environment. Our patients in a nursing home or assisted-living residency will need us to go the extra mile – or miles – and we will travel to meet them if they need us to. This all speaks to our belief that care does not begin and end at the door of our office. Comprehensive care means you get what you need, when you need, and even where you need. It’s an entire lifestyle of care.


We want to include you in it. When you join the Unger Primary Care Medical center comprehensive primary care program, you join our family. We’ll treat you like it, in tough times and in great times. We’ll share with you group meetings and events. You can attend to enjoy a variety of activities for all ages, and some events specific to the lifestyle of your health challenges. We also hope to see you at the annual membership appreciation party. This gala occasion is a time to share the joy of being together. And you can always depend on us dispensing advice and lifestyle tips in the newsletters and blogs by Dr. Unger. Through exclusive access to these articles, you can educate yourself about all manner of chronic disease states and the steps you can take to improve your health.


We’re there and we care – that’s the essence of Unger Comprehensive Primary Care.