Dr. Unger is truly the most caring and most capable doctor we have EVER been treated by and we have spent a lot of time with doctors-especially during the last five years. We believe he personally has saved my husband's life numerous times. When he feels the situation calls for it, he refers us to other specialists. Not only is he an outstanding doctor, he networks with other "best-in-the-business" doctors, and with his referral, we have had immediate (often same day) access to these specialists. We can never thank him enough for all he has done and continues to do for us!

Dr Unger is always quick to respond to my text messages or phone calls when i am feeling ill! Even when he is out of state! Gotta Love A Doctor Who Does This! :-)

I would not, and do not, want any other physician. Dr. Unger is caring, knowledgeable, and has a good sense of humor. He should in my opinion be the prototype for the physicians. I have complete confidence and trust in him and his ability. He already knows I feel this way.

Dr. Unger does not treat his patents with a one size fits all approach. he is up to date on current trends. I attend TCOYD conferences and hear from top doctor and providers in the field. I am always pleased to find that Dr. Unger has me using cutting edge medicine to control my diabetes. I am also impressed that when I bring questions from conferences like these, he takes them seriously and gets back to me with real answers. This past summer as part of my regular physical he extended testing to problems that could, but have not, occurred. In the decade since I was first diagnosed, I still show no effects from the disease. I credit this to his excellent attentive care.

Dr. Unger is so up to date and so well connected in the medical field. You know you are in good hands. He's the head guru on diabetes. So lucky to have him taking care of me.

No Physician in all my years of treatment has individually gone out of their way to provide care and information as that of Dr. Unger. Many times he has taken time in the evenings to assist me during moments of Crisis. He always has supported me no matter my actions or the outcomes. He just truly cares about my Health, physical and mental, but overall he just Cares and I will never ever forget what he does for me.

The best Dr. Ever!

We are especially thankful for Dr. Unger and his staff for their courtesy and professionalism.