Migraines are different from headaches in that they tend to be chronic and more severe. Most people who suffer from migraines will automatically seek out less stimulation and may need to rest in a quiet, cool room with little to no distractions for several hours. Once you get a migraine, there are some techniques that might help relieve some of the pain. Here are just a few of them:

Massage – Massage is a great way to help with the tightness of tender muscles in your neck, back of your head and shoulders. It can also help with blood flow in those areas. Some might even use reflexology or a deep massage to help relieve migraine pain.

Relaxation Techniques – Relaxation techniques include breathing exercises, particular scents distilled by diffusers and comfortable spaces for resting when migraines onset.

Stress Management – Techniques range from learning self-care behaviors, improved communication techniques ,and counseling to help patients learn coping mechanisms.

Medication – The treatment of an acute migraine headache may vary from over-the-counter (OTC) medicines to prescription medications.

A variety of migraine treatment options exist, including clinical services like we offer at Unger Primary Care Medical Center. Commonly, treatment options are split into two main categories, prevention, and treatment. Prevention may occur in the form of behavioral changes, such as managing stress, and pharmaceutically, with drugs used to help control the onset of migraines.

Behavioral changes may include regular exercise, relaxation techniques, and biofeedback mechanisms. Sufferers of migraines may also be encouraged to keep track of potential migraine triggers, including nutrition, adequate hydration, anxiety, exposure to light, certain medication, overuse of pain-relieving medication, travel, sleep and changes in hormone levels.

The migraine solutions we offer our patients at Unger Primary Care Medical Center are individualized to your problems and to your lifestyle. We draw on Dr. Unger’s decades of experience with treating chronic disease states, including migraine and chronic headaches. We would love to help you out, so have us reach out to you today.