Unger Primary Care concierge member services offer our patients what we believe to be the most compassionate and personal health care. Our concierge medicine services in San Bernardino County, California distinguish us as family practitioners by offering 24/7 care and complete attention to our patients’ medical needs, including concierge pharmacy services, and same day and 24-hour urgent appointment availability. We go above and beyond the standard of medical care, helping you to manage your course of treatment and improve your lifestyle by extending telemedicine, behavioral interventions, coordination of care with hospitals and specialists, and comprehensive wellness and chronic disease state evaluations.


Specialists in Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolic Diseases and Chronic Conditions

We’re also specialists in endocrinology, diabetes, metabolic diseases and other chronic conditions. Our patients enjoy advanced laboratory testing, completion of disability forms, completion of prior authorization forms, nursing home and assisted living visits, hypnosis and relaxation therapies, and access to advanced clinical trials programs for patients with diabetes.

We want you to feel like part of our family. We’ll care for you with that spirit in mind. We’ll also hope to see you at our group meetings and events, especially our annual membership appreciation party.

  • 24/7 access to Dr. Unger via text, email, phone
  • Telemedicine services with Dr. Unger
  • Same day and 24-hour urgent appointment availability
  • Comprehensive wellness and chronic disease state evaluations
  • Coordination of care with hospitals and specialists
  • Concierge pharmacy services
  • Completion of disability forms at no cost
  • Completion of prior authorization forms
  • Access to advanced clinical trials program for patients with diabetes
  • 30-60 minute appointment times
  • Behavioral interventions and group therapy for patients with opioid and alcohol dependency
  • Fixed costs for cash patients or those with opioid and alcohol dependency
  • Advanced laboratory testing for all members
  • Home visits when appropriate
  • Nursing home and assisted living visits for members
  • Group meetings and events
  • Annual membership appreciation party
  • Hypnosis and relaxation therapies
  • Newsletters and blogs by Dr. Unger