Do you not have insurance or have you expressed concerns to your doctor and feel like no one is listening to your health concerns? Are they just quick to prescribe medicine to you without talking it through with you? This is where concierge medicine and Unger Primary Care differs. We put your family’s health and well-being first. Here’s is how…

We are experts in caring for those who need more than typical coverage provides.
Unger Primary Care has a distinguished record in being a leader in diabetes, metabolic diseases and, endocrinology. This means we are concierge medicine specialists in chronic, complex disease states. The scope of our expertise is vast, but the universal attitude we apply is one of caring for the patient above and beyond the boundaries of an office visit. We offer convenience, compassion and comprehensive management of your course of treatment.

We have the time for you.
Most appointment times at Unger Primary Care range from 30-60 minutes. This gives you enough time to explain your concerns to Dr. Unger. You will have 24/7 access to Dr. Unger via text, email, and phone. We also offer same day and 24-hour urgent appointments.

Out Of The Office Visits
At Unger Primary Care we also offer home visits when appropriate as well as nursing home and assisted living visits for members to make it easier. Dr. Unger also offers telemedicine services.

Additional Resources
Dr. Unger also wants to keep his patients educated with newsletters and blogs.

If you are not taking advantage of Unger Primary Care as your primary care, what is stopping you? You deserve to live a long, healthy life where you feel good every single day. Schedule Your Appointment by giving us a call or emailing us today: (909) 484-2105 and