With shorter days and colder weather, winter can make it difficult to stay motivated.  With COVID-19 putting limits on social activities, the problem becomes even worse.  Here are five helpful ways to stay active and healthy during the winter months (and COVID-19).

Stay insulated.  It’s all too easy to under-dress for cold weather without realizing it.  Making sure you have adequate layers and protection from the elements is critical to ensuring your outdoor activities are enjoyable and not cut short.

Go outside.  While finding outdoor activities might not be as intuitive as during warmer months, there are still plenty of opportunities to go outside during the winter.  Strat with getting an insulated cup for your morning coffee and go for a stroll around your neighborhood while you enjoy it. 

Create a home gym.  A home gym doesn’t have to have a lot of expensive equipment or take up a lot of space.  A stability ball, stretch bands and similar low impact equipment can be purchased affordably, and provide extremely effective workouts when used correctly.

Join a free online exercise class on YouTube.  YouTube has endless resources for exercise training.  Cardio, yoga and strength training are just some of the many options.  Find a friend to join the class with you and FaceTime during your exercises.

Schedule your activity.  Sometimes you just need to have a plan.  It’s easy to get distracted by the natural – but not always healthy – flows of life.  Taking the time to plan out your exercise and activity goals can be a great way to overcome winter gloom while providing the structure you need to stick to the plan and achieve your goals.